If you're reading this, it means that you are either a friend, family member, someone who follows us on twitter, or someone looking to hack websites. No matter how you found this page, we're glad you're here. You've come a long way with us, and if you're willing to come a little bit further, here's 9 ways you can help out our little underdog movie that could.

  1. Go See It in a Theater
    Thanks to everyone who came out to see Balls Out in theaters! I hope you had a great time. Don't forget to tell your friends and family to get the watch the film of the below VOD sites!

  2. Rent or Buy on VOD
    VOD stands for Video on Demand. Which means places like iTunes, Xbox Video, Google play, Amazon, Direct TV, etc. Rent or buy the movie on whichever of these platforms that you use.

  3. Leave a rating and review on iTunes or whatever VOD platform you used to rent it.
    After you rent or buy (why not both?) our movie on a VOD platform, please leave a rating and or comment about the film. The more high ratings and comments we have, the more likely we are to show up in the top movies sections on those platforms, thus making us more likely to be found and discovered by a much larger audience.

  4. Leave a Rating and a Review on Rotten Tomatoes.
    Go to our Rotten Tomatoes page HERE, and leave us a rating and a review. The Rotten Tomatoes score is the rating that shows up under most VOD platforms. So the more ratings and the higher ratings we have, the more likely other people will be willing to give the movie a chance.

  5. Leave a Rating and a Review on IMDB.
    Same as Rotten Tomatoes above, only this time it's IMDb. Here's the link to our page on there. If you only have time to do one, please do the Rotten Tomatoes. But if you can do both, well, please do both. Also, please don't rate it higher than a 9. IMDB tosses out scores that are perfect 10's, and even though we really like this movie, let's be honest, it's not a perfect 10.

  6. Share on Social Media.
    Tweet, like, share, G+, friendster, whatever social media platform you use to tell people what you are up to at all times. Let everyone know that our movie is out and that it's worth watching. You could even link to this page if you wanted. Here's some pre-written posts to make things even easier for you:
    .@BallsOutMovie, the sports film for guys who don't deserve one. Bring your #BallsOut 6/19, in theaters & On Demand!
    #Panthers vs. #Titans vs. #ManEaters? Intramurals can't get more exciting! @BallsOutMovie kicks off 6/19, theaters & On Demand!
    It's more than a game. It's their last do something that doesn't matter. @BallsOutMovie is kicking off 6/19!
  7. Tell a real person. Like, for real.
    Remember verbal communication between two people in public? If you still participate in that, please tell those around the water cooler that you saw this movie "Balls Out" and that you found it "quite enjoyable" and recommend that they purchase it for themselves. Make sure you are clear that it's the one about flag football, and not the one about Gary the Tennis Coach.

  8. Sign up for our email list.
    Sign up for our email list here. We'll send you minimal updates about any news on the film.

  9. Get a Balls Out tattoo on your lower back.
    For die hard fans only, not recommended for anyone with even an ounce of dignity. You can get the logo for our film firmly tattooed on your lower back so that whenever you hit the beach everyone knows that you love and support this film. If they read the words "Balls Out" on your lower spine and don't initially understand that you're referring to a wacky 2015 sports comedy, please use the methods you learned from #7 to talk to them about the film.

    A million thanks from the "Intramural" *ahem* "Balls Out" Team!

    Still can't believe this happened...

    "As for Ms. McKinnon, she steals the movie." The new sports comedy "Balls Out" stars our very own Kate McKinnon, Jay Pharoah, and Beck Bennett — and is a The New York Times Critics' Pick this weekend!

    Posted by Saturday Night Live on Friday, June 19, 2015